Glass experience & events

Sign up for your chance to try glass blowing hands on at Kosta Glascenter!

This is where you get to walk all the way into the hot glass studio and give it a go, shaping the hot molten glass with your own hands and blow life into it with your very own lungs. Just the way glass has been shaped and crafted for hundreds of years, with simple tools and a glasblowers pipe.

Kosta Glascenter offers a number of different possibilities Stor koncentrationfor a creative glass experience, where everyone can participate – kids as well as grown-ups.  

A session for glassblowing can be booked for small groups all year around! In the summertime, during the busy holiday season, we’re open for drop-ins.

You can also have a special event with glassblowing planned to suit a bigger group, weither it’s a conference or to celebrate an anniversary. This could be set up after your wishes and include try-on-glassblowing, showing glassblowing as well as telling stories about the glass and how it’s made.  

Below you’ll find prices for the most asked for activities. These are especially designed to give you the most experience from your encounter with the hot glass.


1. Try blowing a glass ball, fitted with a loop, so it can be threaded and hung up as a decoration = clear glass 150 SEK/ea, with colour 200 SEK/ea

2. Blow your drinking glass, guided by the tutor = clear glass 300 SEK/ea, with colour 350 SEK/ea

3. Blow and shape your own bowl or flower vase = clear glass 400 SEK/ea, with colour 450 SEK/ea  

4. Blow and shape your own decanter for water or wine = clear glass 450 SEK/ea, with colour 500 SEK/ea

5. Glass blowing demo in the hot glass studio. Glass blowing master will blow and show a glass piece, while explaining the how’s and the why’s. 125 SEK/person for a group of minimum 5 people. (the glasspiece made, will thereafter belong to the group and can be picked up the next day or shipped.

6. Private lesson – spend an exclusive 2 hours while learning, trying yourself and  experimenting together with the glassblowing master. You can choose to be all on your own or you can bring a friend/partner. Group of 2 = 2.500 SEK

7. Celebration-package, for anniversaries, hen/stag-parties, an activity where the participant the is the center of the celebration gets to try on glassblowing and make a drinking glass as well as a bowl, in colour, and have it signed with the dates and the occaison = 800 SEK.

8. The Happy Couple – package, is where the couple get to make one drinking glass each and a glass heart sculpture, engraved with names = 1.000 SEK

Hot glass needs to cool down slowly. Prova på att blåsa glasSometimes it can be done within 3 hours, at other times it needs to cool overnight. The glass piece can be picked up when all done and ready. If you can’t pick it up, we can arrange for it to be shipped.   

Shipping charge will be based on size and weight.

All prices include Swedish VAT.


Sign up for your try on glassblowing! Get in touch with Lars on email or call cellphone no. +46-(0)706 846191

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