Kosta Glasscenter – a place of many possibilities

Glass is our passion! And it’s a joy and fascination we are happy to share with you. You’ll find us in the very center of the Swedish Kingdom of Glass, right next to the famous glasswork Kosta. This is where we’ve run a school for glassmaking for more than 20 years, where glass crafters from all nordic countries have come to get their education. Many of our alumnies have since been active as glassblowers, glassartists or designers.

The multiannual courses have now been changed in favour of shorter classes. Today we are hosting workshops and also give visitors the possibility to have a go and try what it’s like to work and create with the hot molten glass. Here you can experience glass in all kinds of forms, satisfy your curiosity, see shows and even try glassblowing yourself. Kosta Glasscenter is a place for all kinds of glassexperiences.

If you have ideas and special requests, you’re most welcome to get in touch with us. With a vast knowledge from many years of working with glass as craft and with a large network of crafters in the glass business, there’s always a way of making things happen.

Fånga an på glaspipan

If you’re curios and want to learn more:

   ¤   Try out glassblowing – for private visitors as well as for larger events

   ¤   Classes for manual glass crafts            

   ¤   Show of different glass crafting techniques – in theory and practice

If you would like to have special orders of glass made: 

   ¤   Production of small series made according to your wishes

   ¤   Production of glass designed by yourself or by professional designer

If you are a crafter that work with glass or a designer/crafter/artist that would like to learn more about how to work with glass: 

   ¤   Tailormade, short classes in manual glassblowing techniques

   ¤   Shows and lectures for school classes that work with design, art, craft

   ¤   Rent a work space in the hot glass studio or in the cold work studio

   ¤   Rent a glassblower or assistant when in need of an extra hand

Glödande glas